About Our Product

The smartphone and tablet revolution, like any other revolution is changing the world. These products are making our lives a lot easier and both are just keep getting better and bigger. We know that for many their smartphone and tablets devices are a part of their lifestyle, which is why we designed The Amazring, the most versatile, innovative and highly functional accessory.

What is Amazring?

There’s been a shift in our culture and the way we use technology, which has gave us the idea for the Amazring. Since everything we do from banking to communication to work then even back to entertainment is all on our cell phones and tablets, Why not have the most hassle free relaxing smart way to hold it?  The Amazring makes your smart device simpler and more enjoyable. The Amazring goes right around your finger, and keeps your tablet or phone free from falling, extremely stable and very easy to hold. The ring is designed where it allows you the capabilities to swivel your device 180 degrees, and to rotate it 360 degrees, providing incredible mobility. Amazring is also a strong and sturdy stand for tablets and phones of any size. To even add more excitement to this product it comes with a Buddy (Hanger) attachment which allows you to literally hang your phone or tablet almost anywhere car, desk, wall, glass, ect. We are a point where we can’t find a reason to not like this product.

Exceptional hands free experience

This revolutionary accessory product comes with a hanger also known as the buddy, which means you can use your device hands free. No matter where you are – in your car, office, or at your home, Amazring delivers an exceptional hands free experience.

Attractive design

Amazring design is simple, and yet very fashionable and aesthetically appealing. This unique product is available in several different colors to choose from, such as black, pink, white, grey and gold, so every user can choose the color that will be a perfect match to their phone, tablet or its case, and personal style. Hinge mechanism dimensions are: 6.1 mm x 6.1mm, and the weight is 3.0 oz in packing.

Holding the phone or tablet has never been this enjoyable

Amazring is compatible with all tablet and phone models on the market. The same way mobile phone and tables are revolutionary products in the mobile industry; Amazring is a revolutionary product in the mobile accessories industry. Most importantly, this product allows the users to hold their devices in the simplest possible way, which will be extremely enjoyable.

Amazring protects your phone or tablet from falling

If you are tired, or not fully focused, you can drop your device and break it. With the Amazring, hold your phone without any fear of falling which may lead to damage and expensive repairs. For that reason, Amazring is not only functional, but it is also the product that will keep your phone or tablet safe and secure in your hand. With the Amazring, falling is not the option!

Lifetime warranty

Amazring is a unique, functional and strong mobile accessory, made from top quality materials, built to last. We stand by our product, which is why we included free lifetime warranty for Amazring.

Features and benefits of Amazring

Amazring has many excellent features and benefits, and some of them are:

  • 360 degree grip rotation 180 swivel stand
  • Compact design reusable
  • Non-residue long lasting powered by pressure sensitive adhesive buddy (hanger) attachment
  • Exceptional hands free experience allows you to hang your device anywhere you find convenient
  • Compatible with all mobile phone and tablet models
  • Simple and attractive design to match any device and your personal style
  • Available in several different colors
  • Protects your phone or tablet from falling.

“What to expect from Amazring?”

Amazring is designed to provide exceptional holding experience to all phone and tablet users. Forget about accidental falling. Use your favorite device completely relaxed, knowing that Amazring offers stability and it makes holding the device simpler and more enjoyable than ever before.