Frequently asked questions



How does the amazing stick to my phone or Tablet?

The amazring sticks to your phone using Non-residue adhesive.  

Can I take the amazring off my phone?

Yes, You can take the amazing off your phone at anytime.

Will the Amazring leave any mark on my phone or tablet?

This product will not leave any permanent residue on your product.

What are the dimensions of the ring itself?

The circumference of the ring is 1 inch.

Can I reuse the Amazring ring?

Yes, At any time you can take your Amazring off your phone or tablet wet it with water let it dry then place it on another product

Will I receive a notifications when place my order?

When you make an order with with in 1 hour you will receive an E-Mail confirmation with your order and total amount.

I have received my order but something is missing damaged or wrong, What should I do?

If you have any complications in your please contact us at to have the problem resolved.

Can I ship to an to a P.O. Box Or Military Post Office?

Yes, Your order can be shipped to a P.O. Box or Military Post Office.

Does Ship Internationally?

Yes, We do ship internationally.